How To Be Less Angry

Like a true millennial, when I have an issue that I need help with, I’ll usually consult good ole Dr. Google for advice.

A Millennial Self-Preservation Guide

1. Don’t Talk To Anyone (But share your whole life on Twitter)

Killing the Imposter; Who’s Left?

I’ll bet for some of you reading this, a little thought popped into your head: well, I really don’t want to be one of those plebs that isn’t expected to be anything other than who they are, winning the participation trophy for their mediocrity and whatnot.  <– (Imposter syndrome talk.)

For When I’m Smoking

I want a cigarette so badly. But not because I actually want the cigarette. But because I want to love my body again. I want to feel worthy of love again.

you are a light

i started this blog as a way to air my feelings – the uncontrollable feeling of wanting to tie my boss to a bed and fuck him senseless. but reality sucks. i may never get that chance. and that’s ok! why?because of you.

because you are an inspiration


Rock on, Dale. 

a perfect beautiful delusion

after our first conversation, i knew i wanted to learn everything there is to know about you – your secrets and childhood memories, your favorite book and poem and movie

it’s okay not to know

people and things in life

will come and go.

but you’ll have to live with yourself:

your personality,

your choices.

so make them count.