How To Be Less Angry

Like a true millennial, when I have an issue that I need help with, I’ll usually consult good ole Dr. Google for advice.

A Millennial Self-Preservation Guide

1. Don’t Talk To Anyone (But share your whole life on Twitter)

Killing the Imposter; Who’s Left?

I’ll bet for some of you reading this, a little thought popped into your head: well, I really don’t want to be one of those plebs that isn’t expected to be anything other than who they are, winning the participation trophy for their mediocrity and whatnot.  <– (Imposter syndrome talk.)

For When I’m Smoking

I want a cigarette so badly. But not because I actually want the cigarette. But because I want to love my body again. I want to feel worthy of love again.

you are a light

i started this blog as a way to air my feelings – the uncontrollable feeling of wanting to tie my boss to a bed and fuck him senseless. but reality sucks. i may never get that chance. and that’s ok! why?because of you.

because you are an inspiration